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Squaw Creek Baptist Church Podcast
This podcast contains a weekly broadcast of sermons from the pulpit of Squaw Creek Baptist Church, Marion, IA
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You don't have to have an iPod to take advantage of many of the features of PodCasting!

PodCasting is a very convenient new technology developed around the very portable MP3 players produced by Apple called the iPod. PodCasting begins with "Episodes" (can be music, audio, or even video files) on a web server with a special file that is updated each time a new "Episode" is made available.

The advantages of PodCasting are that your computer keeps you up to date with the latest Episodes available from your favorite web sites Automatically! With a few easy clicks to set up, your computer will automatically check for new Episodes as they become available and then download them for you. You simply click to play! No more checking, then checking again and again and again to see if there are any new sermons, music, etc. available from your favorite web site. It all comes automatically to your computer.

To access these files, you need a client on your computer ( they are FREE ).
Apple makes a very nice client called iTunes available for both Mac and Windows computers.
MANY other clients are available here.

PodCasting HowTo:
Step #1
Download the Apple iTunes client for free and install it.

Step #2
Start the client."

Step #3
Click on the iTunes Store Link on the left hand side, then click on the Podcasts link within the iTunes store. Next Click on the Power Search link in the Quick Links area on the right hand side. Type "Squaw Creek" in the Title box, then clcik on the search button. Once the screen above appears, you can download any of the individual files, or click on the Subscribe button to automatically download the most recent file, and then continue to receive the most recent Sermons once they become available.
Click on the AutoSubscribe link near the top of this page,
Click the "Advanced" menu and then "Subscribe to Podcast".
Insert the URL    Click OK.

Step #4
Click on the "Podcasts" Menu Item on the far left side. Click "Refresh" in the lower right hand corner. You should see a list of the available episodes and the latest should load first. You can view the progress in the Downloads section on the far left hand side.

Here are more instructions, including instructions for the Macintosh.

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