8:00 am Early Worship Service
  9:15 Sunday School for all ages
  10:30 am Second Worship Service
  6:30 pm Evening Worship Service


  9:30 am Women's Bible Study
  7:00 pm Women's Bible Study


  6:30 pm AWANA (school year)
  6:30 pm Youth Group Meeting


  6:30 pm Whittier Bible Study


Do you have trouble listening to the files on this site? Does the player only play for a few seconds then stop? This may be due to a slow internet connection. If you do not have a "High Speed" Internet connection, e.g. You have Dial-Up, you may need to take the following steps when you click on one of the buttons to listen.


Once you click on the play button, press the pause button (shown inside the red circle in the diagram above & below). You will notice a progress bar that shows the status of the file that is being downloaded. Once this progress bar is at least a third of the way across the player (as shown in the diagram above & below by the red arrow), you can press the play button again. This should have enough of the file buffered in order for the slow download of the file to keep up with the player. If the player catches up with the download and it stops again, just push the pause button again and wait for the download to get ahead of the player again, then push play again to continue listening.